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At Native English, we offer premium services in English language consultation for business. Our services include rewriting owner's manuals, product packaging, and marketplace postings to improve sales and reduce returns to manufacturers and vendors entering or already doing business in US and other English-speaking markets. Our services allow customers a better understanding of products, product use, instructions and troubleshooting, which results in higher customer confidence before and after purchasing. Our consultants have more than 35 years combined experience in this field, and have helped more than 100 companies worldwide gain strong footing in a variety of English-speaking markets.

Now, more than ever before, proper English in your product documentation is critical to the success of your business. Online marketing has changed the landscape and presented the opportunity for overseas companies to do business anywhere in the world. American consumers have money to spend on your products, and the language used in your advertising and documentation are the consumer's first impression of your company, its products, and the quality they can expect to receive when they buy from you.

Poor quality English translations with incorrect English grammar, spelling and sentence structure cost businesses millions of dollars in profit every year. They result in increased product returns, and create a lingering sense of low quality and standards even before your customers make a purchasing decision. Our goal is to improve the initial perception of product quality, and to help you maintain that perception through high-quality documentation that will accompany your products.

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